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Status Update - November, 2022

Well, the good news is, the manuscript of the next book is 100% complete.


Well, at this point, the edits and done are verified. I've submitted the manuscript for a copyright and it's in the hands of the person doing the interior formatting. Hopefully, that'll get done before 12/5/2022. After that, I have to go through the book PDF and eBook to make sure nothing is missing. Then it's off to the distributors.

The eBook isn't as difficult to get published. The artwork is 100% complete. Once I've verified the formatted book, I just upload it - that takes less than a day. After that, I open up my BookSirens account for people who want to read and review an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy).

Audiobook production starts early January.

But...the book is done.

During the last round of edits, I had my wife reread the book to find the last remaining vestiges of mistakes that were missed after multiple rounds of revisions and edits. At dinner a couple of days back, she remarked that she had forgotten how much she loved the book and that this story is as strong as THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB. I might add, she was the one who basically called the reaction I would receive with the last book. So...


No news here. I ran a sales campaign starting Cyber Monday, but sales have not been as good as I hoped. Oh well. On the other hand, I found several reviews posted on Twitter.

So, that's something cool.

I'm also working to appear on a podcast. Details to follow...maybe...

What Else?

I sent Chapter 3 of THE WIZARD'S STONE to a friend to have him do an audio narration. This I will use to create a sample chapter video. I'm also working on a video trailer for the new book as well. I'm also contemplating creating a video on my three favorite Christmastime movies. So, keep an eye out for these.

Until next month...

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