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Where to begin, where to begin...?

To say that writing was always my passion, or that it was in my blood, would be a horrible lie.  The bug came late.  I’ve spent nearly thirty years writing software, and nearly a decade before that in electronics.  Somewhere in my software career, I wrote an article or two for various publications, and I somehow managed to parlay that into a book deal.  The book didn’t sell well.  But the writer’s bug?  That nestled in deeper than an angry tick.

I guess it’s no big surprise that I’ve settled into the Fantasy genre.  With a youthful imagination fueled by Progressive Rock groups like Yes, Genesis, and Kansas I often sat in my room, alone with my Dungeons and Dragons manuals, dreaming.  It would only be much later in life that I would delve into the curious fictions of H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, J. R. R. Tolkien, and C. S. Lewis.  These, coupled with my love of history, mythology, and The Bible made for an interesting mix.  Like strange elements poured into a crucible, the ideas for my writing are laid into the blast of a furnace where they melt, and mix.

Then again, isn’t this true of most writers?

However, it isn’t creating a fantasy world that drives me, but the incessant need to say something.  More often than not, it is biblical in nature and scope.  And if I’ve done my job well, it will not come across heavy-handed or preachy, but subtle enough to make you think and wonder, as well as being entertained.

Where do I go from here?  Given the reviews of THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB, the direction appears to be "up."

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