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Closing Out the Month of March

So, my launch month for THE WIZARD'S STONE is coming to an end, and the sales were - for me - STAGGERING. My sales this month rivaled HALF of all the books I sold in the prior year. Half. In one month. And that doesn't count the audiobook sales, which will put me well over the top. I can say now, without reservation, that I've sold hundreds of books in the last year. Ok, maybe a little more than a year. But not much more.

And I'm virtually unknown as an author.

To all of you who support me in this endeavor: thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

I have only two things to ask of my audience. The first is to leave an *honest* review of the book on the site where you purchased it from. Reviews are important as they help undecided readers make decisions about their next book purchase. Plus, I can get a little feedback on how this type of story was received. Your opinion will help me decide what kind of content I will continue to release.

So, please, take a few minutes and leave a review. It doesn't have to be extensive.

Second, if you really liked THE WIZARD'S STONE, tell a friend. Believe it or not, word of mouth is still a HUGE influence on potential buyers. The more readers I get, the easier it is for me to create more content.

Again: THANK YOU for your support of my writing and publishing efforts. My next release, as per fan feedback, will be the follow-up to THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB.

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