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Free Promotional PDF - The Revenant and the Tomb

The free promotion begins NOW!

You want a copy of The Revenant and the Tomb? You can get one! And the only cost to you is your e-mail address.

How does it work?

New Subscribers

Step #1

Step #2

You will be sent an automated e-mail with a password that will allow you to access the Promo page of my site.

Step #3

Go to the Promo page, and enter in the password.

Step #4

View, download, or even print the PDF of the book. (Mobile users will only be provided a button to download the PDF to their device. Sorry about that.)

Current Subscribers

You will receive an e-mail informing you of the promotion, with the password attached. Merely go to the Promo page, and enter in the password.


  1. The Promotion will only run from 1/17/2022 through 1/29/2022. If you subscribe after 1/29/2022, you will not receive the password.

  2. The Promo link will remain active until 2/5/2022, after which the link will be removed from my site.

  3. Make sure you either read or download the PDF before 2/5/2022.

The book will be available in paperback, and most eBook formats starting March 3rd, 2022. When the time comes, I'll post a list where you cab pre-order or buy the eBook or paperback.

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