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My Stance on AI

Pandora's Box has been opened. It ain't closing again.

I don't use AI to plot my stories, write my stories, or edit them (outside of the tools built into applications like Word and Grammarly). Writing them is the fun part. Why would I EVER hand that off to automation? Any and all plotting done on my stories goes on in my head and the rest of the story appears as I write. And editing? An AI cannot and does not provide the type of feedback I need.

I don't use AI to generate these posts. I know posting daily increases "engagement," but, frankly, I don't post stuff just for engagement. It's a waste of your time and mine.

I might use AI for some graphics - like images for videos - but will only use those providers that I know license their material from creators. I don't use AI for my covers or illustrations. I pay artists for that. Artists I know and trust.

Most AI "tools" provide little to no benefit to me. I'm not afraid to use them, merely that they do not offer me any benefit in writing or producing a book.

Will I ever use some sort of AI system? Maybe. Probably not. I haven't seen anything these systems provide that benefits me at all. Plus, until the legalities of these systems are finally decided, I'm not willing to create anything with them that may cast a shadow of doubt on my works.

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