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My Writing Projects

I've hinted, in various venues, of the fact that I have several projects either complete, in progress, or shelved. The reason for this is because my main focus is on the Frankie Falawell series and - of course - my free novella. However, I'll give you a peek behind the curtain as to what I have running and what I have in cold storage.

The Frankie Falawell series:

  • Book 1 - Complete and being shopped to agents and publishers.

  • Book 2 - Complete in "polished" form, headed to the editor and beta readers.

  • Book 3 - Roughly 10% written.

  • Book 4 - Roughly 40% written.

  • Book 5 - Complete, sitting in cold storage, and needing revisions.

Of course, this is an active project whose further developmental writing has been put "on hold" until the free novella is done. Book 2 will be reviewed and edited this year, ready to published after book 1.

The "M" series:

  • Book 1 - Complete, sitting in cold storage and needing character tweaks.

  • Book 2 - The same as Book 1.

A prequel of sorts to the Frankie Falawell saga, this project is basically in cold storage. I have plans for a book 3 and and book 4 in this series, but there are other priorities. I have the same fondness for this series as I do Frankie Falawell, so I have no doubt that I will pursue more development in this line of books at some point in time.

The free novella (The "H" series book): roughly 95% written.

This is my main, active project; `nuff said. There may be series potential in this, but I'll hold off on pursuing more adventures with his character until after I get some reader feedback. I call this my "superhero" book, and you'll see what I mean when you read it.

Completed chapters from the first abandoned attempt will be available behind a paywall at some future point.

This is a semi-prequel to a character that appears in the first book of the Frankie Falawell series.

The "O" book: roughly 45% written.

This will be a single story adventure that provides the backstory for a character that will show up in Book 3 of the Frankie Falawell series. At present it's on hold, but there will be an active effort to get this published at some future date (most likely after the Frankie Falawell series is done). It is a good character, and a great story - I knew this from the moment I started fleshing out the chapters.

I have no plans to pursue more stories about this character past this one book. It also includes characters from the "M" series.

This character is also mentioned in a series I've labeled "T," though he only gets a passing mention at present.

The "Moonstone" book: roughly 50% written.

I'm having problems with the character and the flow of the antagonist. Lots of potential here for depth, but there are other projects that require my focus. So, it remains in the deep freeze for now.

The Demon King prequel short story: roughly 30% written.

This is a love-hate project and is a prequel to the Frankie Falawell series. It's a short story with some moral depth, but with an fairly unlikable protagonist. More tragedy than drama or adventure,. it's very much unlike a lot of stories I write. I intend to provide this as "extra" material, most of which will be behind a paywall. Possibly narrated.

The Sorcerer short story: roughly 30% written.

This is actually a prequel to the Moonstone book. It details the path of the antagonist from wealth and privilege, into madness and vengeance. Like the Demon King prequel, I intend to provide this as "extra" material that will reside behind a paywall.

The "T" series: still in the concept phase. A couple of chapters written, but nothing major.

I intend for this series to be a collection of novellas - each with their own adventure or drama. I'm actually quite excited about the main characters. I will work on these as time permits, but as it stands right now, these are only in the conceptual stage.

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