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Status Update - December, 2023

Not a lot of activity in December because, you know, holidays.

Normally I break this down into sections, but there's not much to report. I was busy, but I was busy with some pretty mundane stuff. I did a readthrough with the book, fixed stuff that my wife found, did another readthrough, and then shipped the manuscript off to an editor.

We spent Christmas up at my mother-in-law's house. I intended to write over the Christmas holiday, but I ended up recording a bunch of videos instead. Two of them already premiered. Another is scheduled. I'm also working on a 4th video that will appear much later.

The manuscript came back from the editor and, as of right now, the edits have been applied. So, now, all I'm doing are a couple of readthroughs, and then it's off to an editor for a proofread.

What's left to do? I need to contract an artist for the map (which I've drawn but considering revising), contact the book formatter, and find an artist for a new bookmark.

I'll be setting up a booth at a small toy and comic convention in Clawson, Michigan. It's nearby, and I thought I'd try my hand at selling a few books. The date of the event is February 4th. I'm considering going to a con in West Branch, Michigan in mid-May.

I'm working on a trailer video for the next book (book #3), and I've started writing book #5. Or...what I hope will be book #5.

That's it for now.

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