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Status Update - October / November, 2023

Once again, I'm neck-deep in the book and I forgot to send the update even though I've had it done for weeks now. I've been bogged down by a lot of things, mainly getting the house ready for winter, work, and so on. The simplest explanation is that writing and promoting books have priority over this blog and these updates. It is what it is.

The Next Book

Well, the book has been sent out to beta readers, and I've received some feedback. What I've received is mostly good, though I did get some specific comments that led me to add two more chapters to the first part of the book. Honestly, I've been a little surprised just how fast this book has come together. I only did 2 editing passes before it was good enough to give to beta readers. Usually, it takes twice as many.

And then there is the term "the book." I'm going to do a separate post on this subject, but I've decided that I'm going to split the story into two books - Part 1 and Part 2. I'll release the first book in May. 2024, then the second a few months later (maybe October?). I have very specific reasons for this, but it's worth noting in my update.

The design of the cover is also done. I've approved the rough concept and some of the graphic elements. I think I'll also do a cover reveal video like I did with THE WIZARD'S STONE.

As I write this, I've finished 2 revision passes of Book 2, and 3 passes of Book 1. I'll probably do another pass on Book 1 before sending it off to an editor.

A small confession here: creatively, I'm running on fumes. This book took WAY longer to produce than I'd prefer, and it is MUCH larger than what I was aiming for. To further complicate things, it doesn't feel like it's done. Or maybe it is "done," and I'm just being overly critical of my work? It's hard to tell when you're deep in the weeds with the nuts and bolts of the story. I'm reliant on my instincts, and by outside opinions. I don't want to release a flawed book, and there are a lot of elements and details in this work that can be easily overlooked. Add to that having a constant eye on a timer, and the stress of it becomes taxing.

The Website

As you may have noticed, I've added a new section to the website: Events. This will provide a calendar of upcoming appearances both in-person, live, and pre-recorded. I'm also gearing up to open a web store where you would be able to purchase books and swag directly. I need to set up a business first, which means consulting a lawyer and possibly an accountant.

Video Content

Now that the sent the second part of the book is off to the beta readers, I think I'm going to take a week off from writing. As I've mentioned before, I'm pretty burnt out. So...maybe I need to just put writing away for a short bit and let the creative battery recharge.

I'm probably going to create a few videos for the YouTube channel during that time and over the holidays. I've neglected my channel for a while now, and I'm beginning to lose subscribers. While my subscriber counts are minuscule, I do like making videos, and they give me an outlet to voice certain opinions I have on writing and whatnot. So, keep an eye out for some new content coming your way. And that's it for October and November 2023. I'll leave you with a "Happy Thanksgiving," (for my U.S. readers), and a premature "Merry Christmas," should I not get an update out next month.

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