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Who Do I Follow: The 2021 Edition

I mean, everyone follows someone, right? Whom do I follow closely on social media in my spare time?

Well, many of them are comic artists. It's sort of of ironic, mainly because I have zero interest in comics. But, they are an interesting lot. But it's not all Superman and Iron Man in the list.

1) Mike S. Miller

Mike has a long career as a comic artist and a small, but loyal, following. I ruthlessly tease him in the chat, but he takes it well. And, he has one of the better live streams I've attended.

Just a warning: his live streams are clean. Sometimes they reach PG-13, but the chat and guests know full well - no swearing, no lewd behavior.

2) Gary Shipman

A quiet, unassuming guy, Gary is a fantastic comic artist - and other comic artists will definitely agree. Like Mike S. Miller, he has a small but extremely loyal following, and in his live streams are about as interesting as Gary's Art. Another clean channel, his live streams can be cheesy fun. Not to mention, you get to see a master of illustration at work.

3) Doug TenNaple

To say that Doug is a Christian firebrand is to put things gently. He's is unabashed in his views, and defends them with every fiber of his being. There are many similarities in the way Doug and I approach our views and beliefs, which is probably why I follow him on social media.

Or, to quote Doug, "I legitimately p*ss people off all the time. As you've seen. And there is something inside me that might blame my faith. And it has nothing to do with my faith."

(Unfortunately, through action or inaction, I seem to do the exact same thing. It is what it is.)

So it should come as no surprise that he and I are alike when it comes to the precious nature of a story. In fact, when I heard his view on this issue, I immediately subscribed to his channel on YouTube.

Story is king, or queen...whatever...

4) Daniel Greene.

I really like Daniel, and listen to his impressions and insights as it relates to Fantasy and Science Fiction. He has a very entertaining channel, and gives - what I believe - to be fairly fair assessments of books and videos.

Of course, that opinion might change when he finally gets my book, and tears it to shreds...


5) Joseph Beaubien (Terrible Writing Advice).

One of my favoritists (yes, I made that into a word) channels on YouTube. Joseph Beaubien provides some of the wittiest, and insightful writing advice on the web.

Unfortunately, Ignore him on just about everything, with the exception of the Love Triangle. But that's only because my writing is stellar, and the rules don't apply to me. That and dark lords are sure to make a comeback.


I'll probably go more of these blog posts in the upcoming months (that is, unless I decide to finally just chuck it all, and give up this writing gig).

I'll also be starting a YouTube #AuthorTube channel, as well as connecting to Instagram and Rumble in the days to come.

TTFN (Ta ta for now).

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