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Just a Quick Update (Dec. 2nd, 2023)

Only 4 chapters left to revise in this current pass. After that, I'll have it read back to me, then it's off to the editor. With the Prologue, it's 18 chapters long, and a little over 53,000 words. That's 13,000 words longer than THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB and roughly 29,000 words less than THE WIZARD'S STONE. The second installment to this story will be roughly the same size as the first.

Of course, those numbers might change after the editor gets ahold of it. We shall see.

I gotta say, I was nervous that this book wasn't up to snuff before I started. I was definitely wrong. I'm now in that space where I feel good about the story overall. With some feedback that I received from beta readers, I added 2 more chapters that rounded off the end, and added some more depth for the next book in this "mini-series."

I included a Foreword that detailed how this book came about. I'm considering narrating it and putting it out as a video on YouTube and Rumble. I'll have some time to do that over the next month. These books were something that I never planned to write. But, then again, nothing I do ever seems to go according to plan, so maybe it's a good sign? We shall see.

Technically, when I set this up in Amazon, I should probably create a bundle for the eBooks, given that THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB and the REVENANT AND THE CULT books create a continuous storyline. I'm not sure if I want to set that up with the release of Book 1 or Book 2. It's something I have to ponder.

I joke to myself that I should name the two books, "Setup," and "Payoff" respectively. Book #1 sets up everything in Book #2, while still being an entertaining read all on its own.

By the way, Book #2 does a brief lore drop with another concept I've had in my head, but have yet to fully flesh out in my literary world. It is, however, a great little nugget to include in the story.

Anyhow, I should be done with this pass by the end of the day Sunday. I now have to get in touch with the editor and schedule some time.

That's all for now.

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