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Status Update - December, 2021

Things are heating up!

The Revenant and the Tomb

As I type this, the manuscript has just been returned from the editor, the edits have been applied, and the manuscript has been handed off to my wife for a last readthrough. Once I get the receipts from the Copyright Office, it opens the doors for me to go into full promotion mode.

Promotion? Yep. I contracted a voice actor, and had the first chapter narrated. The video is compiled, uploaded to YouTube, and waiting to be released. Before that happens, I want the receipts from the copyright office.

After that it's off to formatting, and then another go-around with the book cover. Then? Release time!!!

The "O" Book

At present, I'm stalled on Chapter 21, but I'm not worried. I'm putting development on this aside while I work on a few side projects. While this may sound like I'm repeating the same mistake I made when I stopped this very same book to write The Revenant and the Tomb, realize that I'm still actually picking away at finishing it. I'm about two or three chapters out from completion, and I'm not all that worried it won't get done in a timely manner. I'm on track to have it finished well before my self-imposed end-of-January deadline.

After that, I put the manuscript aside and let it "rest," before I go in and start hacking away with revisions.

Short Stories and Background Chapters

The reason why I've put the "O" book on hold is because I'm working on two "short stories," for lack of a better term, based off of The Revenant and the Tomb. These will take the form of letters sent by a scribe discussing the history of the Aranach (a region in my literary world) and a character described in the later chapters of the book. These I intend to have narrated and posted as videos. These videos will also be the first in a line of paid subscriber content on my Locals account.

Also, I have several chapters that provide a little background on the main character of The Revenant and the Tomb: Halsedric. These come from my first attempt to write a story with him in mind, which I eventually abandoned. There are, however, some real nuggets in there and some things that I intend to expand upon later. These I intend to offer as paid content as well, most likely as narrated videos.

So, a lot of things in the works.

Video Insanity

I've started creating videos and vlogs to complement my blogs, and to promote my writing. The content is small but growing. I'm calling my various sites: THE LORE FORGE. You can check them out here:

My main site here, as well as my Locals site are both posted at the end of each video.

For the most part, I'm relying on subscribers to my Locals site to generate a little income, which I can use to defray the costs of publishing. To that end, I'll be putting content up there behind a paywall. I will not be doing this at any other site.

What will be paid, and what will be free?

Paid stuff:

  • Short stories,

  • Backstory and lore,

  • Narrated chapters (non-promotional),

  • Abandoned material - stuff left on the cutting room floor.

Free stuff:

  • AuthorTube videos (on YouTube only),

  • Promotional videos,

  • VLogs and commentary,

  • Livestreams (if I ever muster up the courage to do one).

There aren't many videos up there at present, but I'm always adding new content. So...keep on the lookout for new material.

Why videos? Aside from promotion, it gives you the opportunity to connect with me outside of the books. You can learn my thought processes, gain insight into some of the things I'm producing, and learn along with me on my publishing journey. Actually, it's less like a journey and more like a death march.

Just kidding., actually not.


We're getting closer and closer to release. When the copyright process is done, I will also do a book cover reveal. Exciting times for us here at the Hunter household.

But for now, that's it. Christmas 2021 is upon us. Enjoy the holiday and be thankful for all of the blessings bestowed upon you by God.

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