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Status Update - February, 2024

It's was a short but busy month.

The Revenant and the Cult, Book 1

So, the teaser trailer has been released. You can watch it here. The Narrator is Royce from A Drink with Crazy, who hosts an Ironage livestream that features indie creators like me. I've built quite a reputation with his followers (my nickname there is "The Hedge," and how I came to be called that is a long story), many of whom are fans. The reaction to the trailer was really positive.

I sent the book out for a second edit pass. I reviewed the edits, made my last-minute changes, and now the book interior is ready to be formatted. Likewise, I'll be doing the audiobook and the formatting at the same time. Everyone has been contacted, and final production for the book starts at the beginning of March.

All in all, I feel pretty confident about the book. That confidence, of course, will be shattered the minute the narrator and the formatter find issues in the text. Once again, Steve Fortune is stepping up to the mic for this book. Likewise, I'm also using the same formatter I did on THE WIZARD'S STONE.

This book, and the other book, will also include a map of the region. To that end, I commissioned Gary Shipman, a comic artist I know, to draw it up. I really like Gary's art, and I feel his work would fit well. The map is done, and everything is ready to go for the formatter to start on the interior.

The Revenant and the Cult, Book 2

March will also be when I start working on the second book in the duology (apparently that's what this is called). Not much to say here, except that I'm looking to keep the same team for the sake of consistency.

There's not much to report here aside from I've had two beta readers already read the manuscript, one of them being my wife. My wife's opinion is that it's better than the first book, and very similar to THE REVENANT AND THE TOMB in terms of tone.

Comic Cons

The Clawson Comic Con and Toy Show in early February was a bit of a bust. I only sold three books, though I got some residual sales afterward. This was a con for very dedicated comics people, and I don't think it was my audience. At the very least, it was a learning experience.

A New Bookmark

That's right. With a new book comes a new bookmark. The art is done, and the artist has been paid. I'll reveal the bookmark artwork in a separate update.

And that's about it for February. March will be a different month. I guarantee it.

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